MEGAREVO 8kW Hybrid Inverter | 8000W Output | 12000W PV Input | 500 VOC Input | 48V Split Phase 120/240VAC | All in One Solar Inverter


Max DC Input Voltage: 600VDC
Start-up input Voltage: 120VDC
Rated Input Voltage: 360VDC
MPPT Voltage Range: 90-580V
Number of MPPT: 3
Max Input Current per MPPT: 12A/12A

DEYE Solar Inverter Hybrid 3KW 5KW 7KW 8KW 10KW 12KW Storage Solar Hybrid Inverter with Battery.


The MegaRevo 8k Hybrid Inverter combines the functionality of a grid-tied and an off-grid system together while also eliminating the need for charge controllers or transformers to create a convenient, independent, all-purpose powerhouse! A comprehensive list of certifications and compliances allows this unit to meet or exceed typical electrical regulations.

Equipped with a comprehensive LCD display that offers user-configurable and easy-accessible button operation including battery charging current, AC/Solar charger priority, and acceptable input voltage based on different applications.

Utilize solar directly, battery storage, and grid power simultaneously to power your home, RV, or other solar projects with up to 8kW of uninterrupted, continuous output. Or, apply this unit as a backup power system without solar. The Megarevo 8kW Hybrid Inverter is the culmination of countless hours of R&D, and offers uncompromising utility to both new and existing solar power systems!


Performance Components

  • 8000W Continuous Output, 12000w MPPT Solar PV
  • Parallel up to 4 Units
  • Compatible with most Batteries
    •  Batteries will require manual voltage, charge, etc settings configured.
  • Overload Protection
  • Over Temperature Protection
  • Short Circuit Protection


  • Everything needed for Grid Tied, Hybrid, or Off-Grid included.
  • Simple plug-and-play install and inverter management.
  • Manages power from Solar, Battery, and Grid simultaneously.
  • 120/240V Split Phase.

Comprehensive Certifications

  • Safety – UL1741SA all options, UL1699B, CSA 22.2
  • EMC – FCC Part 15 Class
  • Grid connection – IEEE 1547, IEEE 2030.5, Hawaii Rule 14H, Rule 21 Phase I, II, III


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