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Renewable energy actually is the cheapest power option in most parts of the world today. Prices for renewable energy technologies are dropping rapidly. The cost of electricity from solar power fell by 85 percent between 2010 and 2020. Costs of onshore and offshore wind energy fell by 56 percent and 48 percent respectively.

Falling prices make renewable energy more attractive all around – including to low- and middle-income countries, where most of the additional demand for new electricity will come from. With falling costs, there is a real opportunity for much of the new power supply over the coming years to be provided by low-carbon sources.

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When installed correctly, solar panels typically do not require extensive maintenance in order to continue providing power and functioning safely.
We recommend a solar system maintenance inspection every 12 to 18 months to ensure everything is running smoothly, which is usually adequate to ensure that solar panels continue doing their job throughout their 25 to 30 year lifespan.

One of the most frequent preventative maintenance needs is a good panel cleaning, as you don’t want debris to obstruct the sun’s rays and reduce your power output. Rain generally keeps panels clean, but if the rain hasn’t washed away the dirt from your panels in a while (especially during the dry season) you’ll need to have them cleaned manually.
A thorough solar cleaning once per year should be enough to ensure maximum performance, but more frequent solar cleanings may be required in certain locations.

The other piece of equipment in your solar pv power system that needs more regular maintenance are solar inverters, since they’re the most complex component of the system, and also the most critical. Inverters typically have a shorter lifespan than panels, so it’s good to do a yearly check of all equipment to catch any potential issues before they become larger problems.


We provide all inclusive installation of solar system and wind turbin island wide.

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